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Eliran Malul has a Bachelor degree at Management and Political Science studies from the Open University and a Master degree at Public Administration and National Security studies from the University of  Haifa.                                                                                                          

During his work at the Foreign Ministry, Mr. Malul served in several countries in managerial roles.

In recent years, Mr. Malul has been deeply involved and acquired a lot of experience and expertise in business activities in Arab countries and, especially, in Jordan, Egypt and the Gulf countries. 

Mr Malul has a strong belief in doing business with Arab countries because of the huge economic potential and the fascinating character. According to Mr. Malul, the foundation for such a business is trust, cooperation, and discretion. Without these components, doing business with the Arab world will not work out well. Arab Markets was established in collaboration with Mr. Malul's friends and partners in various Arab countries. This unique collaboration brings about a thorough examination of issues and creative business solutions.

Mr. Malul regards the "Arab spring" as an important historical series of events which holds within it many opportunities for doing business with Arab countries.

Ahmad D

Director of Arabic web

BA in Economics and Business Administration.

Wealth of experience in Internet marketing in the Arab world and Arabic language. Ongoing management of online sales and marketing leading Arab companies.

Consultant to companies how to penetrate markets in Arab countries through the Internet.

Most of the experience gained in implementing financial products in the Arab world in a variety of tools: Arab media buying advertising, PPC budget management in Arabic at a global level. Management of content writers in Arabic and inserting marketing content in the right places in the Arab Internet.

Investment feasibility consultant in Arabic Web projects.

SEO in Arabic, including solutions created by Arabic, design, content in the Arabic language and Arabic media budgets.


Nachum Shiloh

Director of research and competitive intelligence in Arabic.

As an academic, Mr. Shiloh has graduated his MA studies at Tel Aviv University and is currently writing his PhD dissertation.

Mr. Shiloh expert on economic, religious, and political in the Gulf and in the field of Islamic banking in the Arab world and beyond.

Nachum dominates the economy of the Arab world on different characteristics. In his work producing quality reports and information that contribute to financial success of companies have expressed interest in the various Arab markets.

Nahum manages the research in Arab Markets including business intelligence and market research. In addition to locating and identifying business opportunities and trends in the Arab world at both the micro and macro level.


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