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Market research conducted by Arab Markets is the basis for further business development in Arab countries. The company conducts studies on markets in the Arab world, in various industries including: Real Estate, Housing and Construction, luxury items, banking and capital markets and more.

Arab Markets offers a range of services prior to initiation of business activity in Arab countries. These services include: in-depth comprehensive market research and feasibility studies for making GO NO GO decisions by companies and businessmen who wish to begin operating in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the Gulf states GCC

Research and data collection is performed collectively by academics and business consultants fromIsrael,Jordan,Egyptand UAE. The combination of theoretical data collection and data from businessmen in the field contributes to the quality of the material produced. The service is optimized for the specific needs of each client, regardless of company size, scope of activity or market size

:Market research conducted by the company focuses on the following parameters

 Estimate market size-

 Mapping out the major players and competitors and their market share- 

 Making profiles of the clientele and their needs-

 Detailing the inner workings of the market-

 Reviewing legislation and regulation of a given market-

 Locating business opportunities in the market-

 Market research is conducted on several levels, according to the client's needs; from comprising a short list of potential customers to extensive market research, which includes all the above mentioned parameters

Following the completion of the market research, the client receives current overview, tools and recommendations for future activity

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