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In the business world of the twenty-first century, competitive business intelligence is an important and vital tool for any business. To succeed in business in a rapidly changing world, where the availability of information and quantity of data grow significantly over time, businesses must use a variety of tools and options offered by competitive intelligence to understand the market in which they operate, identify trends and sub-trends, map customers and competitors and identify changes and risks.

Arab Markets will locate suppliers/ manufacturers in Egypt, Jordan and GCC Gulf states in any field upon request of client.

The service includes inspection and analysis of the suppliers / manufacturers to assure serious intent and high standards of work in various aspects:

Market research conducted by Arab Markets is the basis for further business development in Arab countries. The company conducts studies on markets in the Arab world, in various industries including: Real Estate, Housing and Construction, luxury items, banking and capital markets and more.

We support importers and exporters from around the world and in Israel in a number of commercial activities conducted with various Arab countries.

Feasibility studies prior to import from Jordan, Egypt and Gulf states - examining feasibility includes selecting the right markets to import according to the added value of the country in the select field. In the absence of an existing supplier for a client, a country with the added value in the required product field will be recommended.

Tens of millions of Arabic speaking internet users wander the net and social networks in various Arab countries and often varied continents.

There are hardly any international companies lacking in internet presence in the Arab network and in the Arabic language.

Providing Business Solutions for Arab States

Arab Markets offers guidance and support for business activity in Jordan, Egypt and the Gulf states – GCC.


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